Being productive is not the same as doing too much! Entrepreneurs, college students, adults in general. Here's how to know if you're wasting your time. Here's how to know if you're doing TOO MUCH.

5 Signs You’re Doing Too Much

  Is doing too much a bad thing? In this technological day and age where all bloggers and websites have an article on being productive, it seems the busier we are, the more successful we are. However, let’s get a few things straight. Being productive is not the same thing as being busy. Doing too […]

Here's what you don't need to do when you're in college to pay off student debt

Student Debt: What  NOT to do to Pay it Off

Are you in debt? Do you have a campus job? So then that means you’ve been using your campus job to mitigate that debt, right?   Wrong? It astounds me how so many of my friends have yet to start paying off their debt. Yes, I understand school comes first, but debt is the only […]

Are you a college student? Was one of your new year's resolutions to make time for the gym and work out more this semester? Have you started on it! Think you still don't have time to go to the gym? If you want to do something, you'll make time to do it! Here's 5 ways to make time for the gym this semester.

Wanna Make Time for the Gym this Semester? Do These 5 Things

Say “aye” if you’ve stuck with your New Year’s Resolution by working out this month. Crickets? Do I hear crickets? If you’ve yet to implement strategies to lose weight/build muscle and make time for the gym, you’re not alone. In fact, according to a, only about 9% of people achieve their resolution. Making time […]

Textbooks got you feeling overwhelmed? Don't know how to take notes? Want to know the best and most effective strategies in taking notes? Students in every grade level including college often take notes in school and most times, they are doing it WRONG. Here's the right way to take notes from a textbook.

Here’s the right way to take notes from a textbook

Ugh, I hate how the semester is already creeping upon us. I go back on the sixth which sucks because New Years was—what, 5 days ago? That’s not enough time to recover from the fun and excitement of parties and I’m still going to be writing 2016 on all my assignments. Speaking of assignments, let’s […]

Worried about how much weight you'll gain over the holidays? Here are ways you can lose weight or combat holiday weight gain. Inside you'll learn about holiday exercises and things to do at christmas parties to make sure you're not eating too much! Click here to read how to prevent and combat holiday weight gain.

5 Ways to Combat Holiday Weight Gain

It’s December! Bring on the cakes, the chocolates, the cookies, the pies, and most importantly the weight gain. That is…if you’re not proactive about it. In December, we’re welcomed to all types of comfort foods that keep us warm and full inside. And it’s for this reason that holiday weight gain is scary. But, fear […]

Want to know what to buy for your favorite smart and broke college student? Maybe you are the college student and want people to buy you actually useful gifts this year? Here's a tiny list of things that smart and broke college students would appreciate. Just click here to get the list!

The Holiday Gift Guide for Smart and Broke College Students

  Alright, folks, friends, family. Holiday season is right around the corner. AKA, the most stressful time of the year. Going to stores super early, not knowing what to buy, spending your own money.  It’s a huge hassle. But what makes it all easy, you say? Planning. If you know what he/she wanted, you wouldn’t […]

This goes out to all the straight-A college students being pressured into medicine, law, or engineering just because they're smart. This also goes out to all the entrepreneurs that want to do everything themselves instead of allocating for virtual assistance or help in general. Just because we're smart and capable enough to do anything doesn't mean we should.

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

  A lot of us are strong-willed, apt people. We have layers and layers of talent and knowledge that make us who we are. If you were me, you’d be that one kid in fifth grade (and now a sophomore in college) that dominated group projects. Because you didn’t want anyone to mess stuff up. And […]

As a blogger, I've been noticing things about us-things that definitely need to be addressed if we want to continue being credible and fun sources of information.

The Problems With Bloggers

Hey, friends. This blog post is not like the rest of them, as you can probably tell from the title. I had a few things on my mind and wanted to share my thoughts with you. I’ve been blogging for about a while now and have noticed a few things about the blogging world I’m […]

5 things to do if you seriously hate college

5 Things to Do if You Seriously Hate College

You end every day in a big UGH. You bodyslam your bed and groan every night. You’ve forcefully endured another long day of school, and you’re about ready to sacrifice yourself. It’s okay to dislike college. When I first got here, I wasn’t so ecstatic either. But I wasn’t miserable. And if you hate college, […]