how to give the best presentation in class

How to Give the Best Presentation in Class

Egad, it’s presentation day. Uptight ties, flashcards, sweat, nerves, anxiety…and then there’s you. You are laid back like a recliner chair. You are as cool as a cucumber. Why? Because you came here! Oh, but what does Blossom the Creativist know about giving the best presentation, you might ask? Not to toot my own horn, […]

Are you a vegetarian

Are You a Vegetarian?

I’ve been getting asked if I’m a vegetarian recently, mainly because I fill my stomach up on peanuts and salads almost every day. Truth be told, if I answered yes, my Nigerian mother would probably start crying. Actually she kind of already did. One day, when my health nut persona had finished developing and my […]

life as juliet forbidden relationship

Being Juliette: My Forbidden Relationship

I’m the most cliché person in the world. Writing about my 2-year relationship on this commercialized day of money, sex, and chocolate. But how else would I get you to read it, right? Two years ago, I would never see myself infatuated. High school relationships don’t last. I don’t want sex. Boys are distracting. The […]