10 Mother’s Day Gifts That Aren’t Lame Flowers

I’m sorry, but I’ve never given my mom flowers for Mother’s Day.

Because why? So they can die in a month?

I never understood the gesture of giving live (or fake flowers) to women. What in the world is that supposed to do for us? Some of them smell like bugs and outside. Some of them are prickly, and all of them you can’t eat. 

But men get all the fancy watches, the toolkits–the useful stuff! Heck, they even get underwear and you can do more with underwear than you can with dying roses.

If you know your mom deserves more than wilting flowers, stick around. Here are 10 Mothers Day Gifts that aren’t Lame Flowers

10 Mother’s Day Gifts That Aren’t Lame Flowers

1.Jesus Calling/Devotionals

If your mom’s a spiritual one, try giving her a devotional, such as Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence. Sarah Young is a famous Christian author, and her Jesus Calling series is a household name to many families. I bought this for my boyfriend’s mother, and she reads it every chance she gets for an extra piece of wisdom every day. –$8



2.  Bath & Body Works Wallflowers Home Fragrance Refill Bulbs 2 Pack Fresh Linen

If you’re looking for something moms like but probably don’t have the extra money to buy, think Bath & Body Works, especially these refills. I use these for my dorm room and everyone has commented on the welcoming scents. I completely forget about the refills because I’m used to them and have had them for so long. So that should tell you they last for a good amount of time. –$13.29 (for two)

Just make sure you get the wallflower as well because these are only refills!  –$8.45




3.Yarn Organizer

If your mom likes to knit or crochet, help her keep her stuff organized and knot-free with this yarn organizer. Simply place the yarn in the little compartments and through the loop so that you don’t have too much yarn out at once. Plus there’s a shoulder strap for convenient transporting. –$21.97

4. And if she’s more of sewer, have her thimbles and spools organized as well with the Bbloop Medium Vintage Sewing Basket (honestly thought that was a typo but it isn’t). It already includes scissors, the tomato thingy, thread and more for $20!


Image result for JIARUO Multi-function Makeup Cosmetic Bag Toiletry Travel

5. Cosmetics

Is your mom a makeup junkie? Then you’ve got it easy cuz there’s sooo much you can give her:

The JIARUO Multi-function Makeup Cosmetic Bag Toiletry Travel–my mom taught me that whenever I clean my room to make sure everything has a home. Meaning, find a place for the makeup brushes, the dark nail polishes (I was gothic), and the eyeliners. Now my mom has way more makeup than I do so why not help her out with giving all her cosmetic stuff a home? This cosmetic bag has space for her favorite lipsticks, nail polishes, and other necessities. And it’s not just a bag but rather an organizer: within the home, there are tiny little rooms for each cosmetic 🙂 — $6.99 WHAT A STEAL.


And if you want to go the extra mile, fill the bag up with staples: red lipstick and dark, mature nail polish. I’d also add in a few cosmetic wipes and nail polish remover if your mom doesn’t already have some already.

6. Resistance Bands Kit

 Looking good with cosmetics is great, but does your mom feel good? There are so many benefits to working out other than weight loss, like increased blood circulation, fewer diseases, and an overall longer, healthier life. So why not give your mom the gift of health? Ok, side note, I was about to put dumbells on here, but they were too expensive. Insert resistance bands! The more affordable and more convenient/transportation-friendly alternative. This pack comes with 5 resistance bands with varying strengths and a booklet of exercises for her to do. If your mom is already into working out and being fit, she’d love this one. The kit is on sale for $15.99!

If she’s not much of a fit fanatic, but she really wants to start working out again, I wouldn’t jump the gun with this kit just yet. It might come off as a bit intimidating at first. I’d just start off with a single one, like so.–$10.87

7. yoga mat 

 This would for sure make a good gift in conjunction with the single resistance band. You don’t want her to be exercising on the floor, having little crumbs sticking to her sweaty back, now would you? –$15.32


8. Organic Yoga mat cleaner

And if your mom already has a yoga mat, consider getting her a yoga mat cleaner. Yoga mats collect lots of dirt and even sweat, but you can’t just throw them in a washer. Here’s an organic yoga mat cleaner that you can couple with the yoga mat. Have her yoga mat smelling like nature instead of bleach or vinegar–for only $10!



9. Glass/plastic jars for keepsakes

I don’t know what it is with moms, but they seem to love little cute jars. I’d fill this up with sweet treats like mints for my mum, but I’m sure she’d end up filling it with pasta or cayenne pepper or something like that. These come in pretty handy in the kitchen.–$12.99



10. Jewelry Organizer

Scattered and jumbled necklaces are always a pain to deal with. If your mom’s jewelry box is a jungle, consider giving her a more spacious jewelry organizer, like the Jack Cube Hanging Jewelry Organizer. It holds necklaces, bangles, rings, and even sunglasses. –$15.99





Wellp, there you have it. 10 FIRE gifts to give your mom May 14th. All under $25 (excluding shipping). What would you add to this list?

Doesn't your mom deserve more than flowers for Mother's Day? Not sure if you know what to get her? I've compiled 10 gifts that your Mom would appreciate--all under $25. There's a gift for the fitness mom, the organized mom, the spiritual mom, even the crafty mom! Shower your mom with gifts she will actually enjoy by clicking here!

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