How to Use a Tea Rinse to Stop Shedding

Good afternoon, drain cloggers!

Ok, I know not everyone suffers from having to unclog the drain every wash day, but it’s never too early or too late to learn more ways to minimize that ball of insecurities!

A blog post I found on pinterest said you can use a tea rinse to stop shedding, and at first I was like, ughh, why do black people always do the most to save their hair. But then I read it, saw the pictures and now I’m here to share my testimony.

These are pictures of my sad hair before I found tea. The left is after I detangled and the right after that is after bantu knots about three days later (on stretched hair).

use a tea rinse to stop shedding cusing a tea rinse to stop shedding

The next two is after finding Jesus using black tea and then detangling (left) and styling.

black tea rinse stop shedding tea rinse stops shedding natural hair

Now I know the data is a little biased (is that even the word for it?) because I styled on the same day using tea rinse but not on the other and I didn’t do the same hairstyle either so the pictures might be a little misleading. BUT, I have never lost that little amount of hair (on the right) before!

And come on, is it really that healthy to have THAT much hair fall out for bantu knots n stretched hair?

If you still can’t take my word for it, here’s the article/blog of reference:

Without further ado, here’s what I did:

  1. Steal two sachets of black tea from my school’s cafeteria, and brew 2 cups of tea.
  2. Empty the cups into a spray bottle.
  3. Add a drop of honey (a humectant that STEALS moisture from the air. I always put it in my conditioners. Never feel a difference but didn’t want to switch up during this experiment).
  4. Wait for it to cool or I would’ve burned the heck out of my scalp.
  5. Separate hair into about 6 or 7 sections while the concoction cools.
  6. Liberally spritz the mixture into hair, massaging into scalp.
  7. Twist each section and wash.
  8. Condition.
  9. Style.

Visual learners, anyone?

Why it works.

Black tea’s caffeine hinders the shedding of hair by blocking the hormone that induces shedding, according to the article. Because black tea has more caffeine than coffee, those that are prone to REALLY dry hair should start out with 1 tea bag a week, or even switch to green tea, an alternative with a lower amount of caffeine. I’ve also read some people use tea with no caffeine in it, like marshmallow tea. I didn’t know that exist but if you have it, try it! Also, rosemary tea seems to work wonders too. I just love how there are natural solutions for having healthier health. Popping pills using things like Hairfinity that may or may not work is definitely not what I want to do with my life if there are more natural and CHEAPER alternatives (Hairfinity is about $25 dollars, aka $20 too much).

But let’s we not confuse the two: the black tea rinse is used for length retention, and Hairfinity is used for hair growth, two different ball games.
I may repeat this study to yield more accurate data for you guys, but if I don’t (because I don’t want to revert back to my those clumps in my sink again), just look around. Thousands of naturals are raving about it! Why haven’t you? And if you have, did it work?

Thanks for reading!