Gifts Your Friends Will Really Love

Written by Blossom

July 27, 2018

Friends are the most difficult people to buy presents for. In theory, you know them well and you know their likes and dislikes, but you also don’t know if they already have something or how they’ll feel about your choice. There is also so much to choose from and that makes it even harder to find a gift they will really appreciate. If you are after something that you know will please your BFF or that one good friend you’ve made in college, take a look at some of these fun suggestions…


A Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


Who doesn’t love listening to music? Being able to do so wherever you are, including in the shower and your dorm room at college, is even better. It’s a no-brainer then, that a waterproof Bluetooth speaker will mean your friends can listen to whatever music they want through their phone, and it will not matter if that is in the shower, by the pool or on the beach without worrying about water damage. This is a gift they will love.




Who doesn’t love having something a bit quirky and different?  Hence PhotoSocks. Yes, you can literally put any photo on socks and make them into a quirky wardrobe addition. It could be photos of the lucky friend, photos of yourself, a picture of a favorite pet or even a celebrity they have a crush on. They’ll love them!


App Store Gift Card


If you are unsure who their favorite artist is or which games they are into, you could solve the problem by giving them an App Store Gift Card so they can download whatever they want. Although there are many things in the App Store that are free, there are just as many that you have to pay for, so this could make the ideal gift for that one friend who’s always downloading music and playing on their phone.


A Camera Drone


If they love making videos for social media, a camera drone will make it easier for them and they’ll be delighted by having a fun new gadget to play with and help them rack up the YouTube views.  They come with a camera and are very user-friendly.


Netflix Gift Card


Netflix is how most of us watch TV now right? So, a gift card that will let your bestie watch some of their favorite shows will be much appreciated. There are some TV series, such as Stranger Things, that are very popular right now, and which are only available through Netflix, so you can’t really go wrong.


Concert Tickets

Getting tickets to concerts of the musicians they love best is often out of the price range that teenagers can afford. Present them with tickets to see someone such as Ed Sheeran, Radiohead, Usher, Bruno Mars or whoever else they love and they will be eternally grateful.




Not everyone likes to give money as a gift, but sometimes it is just what friends need. If they are saving for some expensive item and everyone gave them money for their birthday, they could be a whole lot closer to making the purchase they are dreaming of. Money might seem boring to some, but there are times when it is the best possible gift you could give and it is pretty much always appreciated.


Treat them to any of these things and they’ll be a friend for life!


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