Being productive is not the same as doing too much! Entrepreneurs, college students, adults in general. Here's how to know if you're wasting your time. Here's how to know if you're doing TOO MUCH.

5 Signs You’re Doing Too Much

  Is doing too much a bad thing? In this technological day and age where all bloggers and websites have an article on being productive, it seems the busier we are, the more successful we are. However, let’s get a few things straight. Being productive is not the same thing as being busy. Doing too much isn’t the same thing as being productive. And it’s […]

Do you not know what to pack for college? Here is exactly what you need for your college dorm, your college schoolwork, and your college life. Here is what you do and don't need for college.

What You Don’t Need on Your College School Supplies List

Summertime is almost over. Man, oh man. It feels as if every year, summer gets shorter and shorter. But as much as I love sleeping in and getting yelled at by parents, it’s time to move out. And move into the school supply aisles at Walmart and Dollar Tree. As once an angsty/emotional freshman, going-to-college shopping intimidated me a bit. I was asking all my upperclassmen […]

Why I Live a Healthy Lifestyle Even Though I’m Not Fat

Why I Live a Healthy Lifestyle Even Though I’m Not Fat

“I wanna enjoy life. I wanna eat pizza! Why should I exercise if I’m not fat!” Last year was my first year at college and one thing I realized was: donuts, pizza, chicken, candy, and more donuts. Yeesh, I thought after high school, we would all transform into responsible, health-conscious adults. But no, I realized. Not everyone wants to prevent clogged arteries and high blood […]

why gluten is bad for you and why im still gonna eat it

Why Gluten is Bad For You and Why I’m Still Gonna Eat It

If you ever want to lose weight and get healthy, you’re in good hands. The internet offers SOO many solutions to all your questions with all these diets. Paleo! Atkins! Low-carb! Huh…low-carb… The words lingered in my head wondering what type of concoctions would be brought into this world with the label low-carb? You mean like burgers with no buns? (That’s not a burger btw) […]

19 things I'm thankful for

19 Things I’m Thankful For

This should be called 19 things for which I am thankful… but who talks like that?   Anyways it’s my 19th day and I’m just realizing that this was a horrible day…in fact, I have a horrible teenage adult life. My parents, as cliché as it sounds, have crucified my social life for a good period of time, but you know what? I’m going to be […]

why daily routines are a must and a bust

Why Daily Routines are a Must and a Bust

Americans, let’s be real with each other: we waste a lot of time. All that time you spent watching foolish prank videos (that are almost always not real) on Youtube, turning yourself into a dog on Snapchat, or nonsensically gliding down selfies, selfies, and more selfies of your friends on Instagram could be used to turn in that essay due at 12, organize your life, […]

the 40 year old teenager

The 40-Year-Old Teenager

Being a virgin isn’t (so much) the problem. Having the mindset of a meticulous mother is. I like myself. I have a unique taste of everything and it’s quite hard to find someone just like me. But that’s the thing—making friends is difficult wherever I go. I have trouble relating to people because I’m just mentally old. What’s a Bieber? Ok, excuse my sorry attempt […]

what to do when teachers waste your time

What to Do When Teachers Waste Your Time

No matter what college you go to, what state you’re in, how much money you’re spending, how much you’re going to be in debt, one thing will always be clear: you are going to take gen eds. You may have it good. You may have a teacher that actually loves what he/she does and makes learning fun. And on the other hand, you may have […]