8 Reasons People Don’t Like College

8 reasons people don't like college

Written by Blossom

February 5, 2016

My views on college have drastically changed now that I’m here. They say ignorance is bliss, and they couldn’t be anywhere closer to the truth. College has taught me many things: from how to argue, to reasons people would rather drop out. And here are the top reasons people don’t like college.

1. College is expensive. It’s not free. It costs money.

Does this even need an explanation? Our secondary educational institutions are not just places to learn, no. If that were the case, why would meal plans exist? And do you really think you’re getting free access to a gym?  Do you really even think that the t-shirt SGA was giving out was free? I laugh at your fantasy.

I actually joined my school’s newspaper and wrote about the preposterous price of college. The essay wasn’t filled with the strongest points, but someone from SGA wrote back to me with the intent of shutting me up so I wouldn’t tarnish the school’s name. Ultimately, he suggested switching schools (IN ALL CAPS SO THAT I WOULD GET THE POINT THAT HE DIDN’T WANT ME HERE). It was good advice, though. Just don’t think it was delivered in the right tone coming from a representative of the school, but I digress.

2. It forces you to take classes you don’t want.

My roommate was telling me one day that a few atheists wanted to make monkeys of themselves in her Christianity class. Attacking people for taking the class because they love God and answering by “screw God.” Ugh. The Christianity class isn’t even for knowing and loving God. It’s for interpreting His word. And if you really didn’t like Christianity, you would take the class to further analyze the bible and learn about more concepts within it that you don’t agree with. Then, you could possibly strengthen your argument of why blah blah religion is better than blah blah blah religion. Instead of being an ignorant turd, you could learn a thing or two from the Bible, whether you believe in it or not.  But I digress. AGAIN!

Mercer University isn’t a religious school. Because of this, there is no church on campus. Why, then, are we required to take religion classes? I know there is light in everything, however. I took a Christianity class because, you know, I read the Bible and stuff. But I learned more about God than I did from church, which was pretty valuable. Of course, not everyone cares to see the bright side of classes like these, and so they go in annoyed and continue their days in the class struggling and annoyed at having to take the class.

3. Sometimes you learn things you’re supposed to already know.

Tell me why in my college Nonfiction writing class, we were learning where to use commas. Yes, review is great and whatnot, but if you have lived your entire life without knowing that you need a comma after an introductory phrase and haven’t been penalized since, then you are the real MVP.

Your previous teachers, on the other hand, need to reconsider their strengths.

If I was an almighty wielder of the power to pass or fail someone, and if you repeatedly use the wrong their and its in the first paper, you will receive an F. No time wasted in teaching a bunch of adults an elementary concept.

In fact, I would take off points if you use is too many times, representing the passive voice. How long have you known English? By this time, you should have found other words to use instead of is. Say no to laziness.

4. Most of the times, you never learn things you really need to know.

The beauty of being undecided is I have time to dive into any subject I please, whereas if you decide to do bio, you’re pretty much stuck in the sciences. Sure you have general ed, but do you really want to be learning about commas?

I wish there was some sort of home ec class. It would teach you how to sew up a wound, take blood pressure, manage finances, cook, file taxes. It would be a class to teach you a little bit of everything in order to survive.  But nooo, be a professional in one thing and forget about the rest, is the college motto.There’s no reason for only doctors to know how to heal people and only accountants to know how to manage money and file taxes.

5. College stifles creativity.

I don’t know about you guys, but I loved projects. I loved making posters about certain health issues and writing songs to remember the flow of blood in the body. But here, everything is cut and dry. Tests, tests, tests, quizzes, tests, extra credit, tests, quizzes, and finally, barf. I miss the days of putting my life into one project and amazing my peers.

So instead, I try to focus on impressing my profs through writing, but nope, can’t do that either.

I remember I’d get constant critique on my writing. So I dumbed it down, used fewer commas, used fewer indications of my style, and turned it in. I went from a 12th grade writing style to an 9th grade. And I got a better grade when I was writing in the style of a 9th grader.

6. The professors…what?

Over the course of a semester and a month, three types of professors have surfaced: those that are passionate about teaching, those that are not actual full-time professors, and those that are just trying to make a quick buck.

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Overall, I hate when I am enrolled in a class but I am solely learning from a textbook. Why bother going to class—on a greater scale, why bother going to COLLEGE if you can just learn from a textbook?! This is one of the main reasons I don’t like college. It grinds my gears when teachers rely on textbooks to do their jobs, putting no effort into creating a fun and enjoyable learning environment.



I once read this pg-13 quote. Ready? Here we go.

“Religion is like a penis…please don’t shove it down my child’s throat!”

Now, what does this have to do with college? Society makes it seem like college is the only way to go if you want to have a job.

For instance, meet this guy named Dude in Theatre Class.

One day, the inquisitive Theatre teacher asked Dude in Theatre Class, “Why are you in college?”

Dude responded, “To get a job.”

It’s just sad that he thinks the only way he can get a job is with a degree.

You know what’s also disappointing? I know several that went to college with degrees they aren’t even using for their current jobs.

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8. It’s brainwashing.

Not only do people think the only way you can get a job is through college, but they are accepting the cycle of debt and misery!

Here’s the instructions guide to a boring life

  1. Go to an expensive school to get a more valued degree.
  2. Get a degree in something that will pay off those debts.
  3. Be miserable for the rest of your life because you’re doing something to pay debts and put bread on the table.

Now it’s different if you’re calling happens to be college-conceived, like becoming a physician’s assistant or a mathematician. Professions that require extensive studying in a classroom setting.

However, the fact that debt has become ingrained in the system of adulthood really speaks volumes. As in, you have to have debt.

And this, to some degree, is true because you need debt to have a car and a house (unless you’re filthy rich). But $60,000 in debt?

This just goes back to my first point: college is expensive.


Nonetheless, I find great value in my education. I can attribute my satisfaction probably to the fact that I’m undecided and not forced to study a specific topic right now. I’m experiencing and learning what I like and dislike, and even if I’m more fond of some classes than others, I still manage to take something away from the latter. I’m growing to learn how to better phrase my opinions and address arguments, and I’m more intrigued by things I did not even care for before. If it weren’t for Mom pleading for me to go here, I probably wouldn’t be at this expensive ahh school. But college wouldn’t be totally out of the question.

Besides, without college, I would have never enjoyed the beauty and happiness that is hummus.

How is college treating you guys? What do you like and dislike about it?


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